Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Beautiful World

Elvie at 3 years old

I came to the world
Like flowers that bloom in spring
Full of life, vibrance and spirit

* Elvie *

A breathe of fresh air

Garden full of flowers
Adds beauty and colors to life
Freshness, joy and tranquility

* Elvie*

A Sweet Bird

Wake up in the morning
Hear the cute bird singing
A song of praise and thanksgiving

* Elvie *

Water ... a gift that sustains life

Water that gives life
Flows gently from heaven above
A blessing from God

* Elvie *

Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem

Lovely trees down the road
Waving its leaves as the wind blows
Giving a warm hello

* Elvie *

Refreshing view of mountains

Mountains touching the sky
peaceful, calm, reaching out to God
Feel His warm embrace

* Elvie *

Stunning fishes in the sea

 Oceans in blue and green
Majestic marine life dwells
with all shapes, color and sizes
Mysteries of the deep blue seas

* Elvie *

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