Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Francisco Cable Car and the Crookedest Street

San Francisco Cable Car at Lombard Street

During my trip to San Francisco, my friend, Maria Queri took me also  to Lombard Street known for its crookedest street and where one can see the famous San Francisco cable car. San Francisco cable car system is the world's last manually operated cable car system.  It is an icon of San Francisco, California and has become a tourist attraction. This urban transport system is operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway, popularly known as "Muni."

The Powell-Hyde cable car line near Lombard Street on Russian Hill

The San Francisco Cable Car Route

The Clay Street Hill Railroad was the first successful cable operated street railway which was opened on August 2, 1873.  From 1873 - 1890, there were twenty three lines established but now only three remains : 

Powell-Hyde (Line 60)
Powell-Mason(Line 59)
California Stree (Line 61)

The Crookedest Street, San Francisco, CA.  Photo taken from below

Lombard Street is one of America's crookedest street.  The steep, hilly street was created with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past beautiful Victorian mansions. This famous steep street has eight tight turns in the one block portion of street.

Wondering why the street was built crooked  ?  This is actually for safety reason. The naturally steep grade of the street posed a severe safety hazard.

The stretch  and visual beauty of Lombard's crooked street

Some of San Francisco's expensive real estates can be found at Lombard Street. Dozens of tourist each day flocked this area  for scenic photograph, scenic drive, exercise, see the cable car and the famous homes.  Some of the famous homes at Lombard are :

1.  The Real World House ~ On the Southern side of the street is the Real World San Francisco house, the home that the cast stayed in when the show was filming.

2.  The Montandon House ~ At 1000 Lombard Street, is the Montandon House, former home of 1960’s socialite  Pat Montandon and reportedly one of the Bay Area’s haunted homes

3.  Scottie’s Apartment from Vertigo ~  Another spooky home is the Scottie's Apartment located at 900 Lombart Street near the Montandon House. San Francisco scenery and this home plays a prominent role in the famous Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo.


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