Sunday, February 26, 2012

AMCHAM 29th Honor Your Secretary Day

AMCHAM'S "Honor Your Secretary Day"

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines hosted the “29th Honor Your Secretary Day” on Friday, 17 February 2012 at the Manila Peninsula.  HYSD is an annual opportunity for AmCham members to recognize and express appreciation to their secretaries and administrative professionals for their valuable help and support.  This is also an occasion to celebrate the secretaries’ valuable contribution in the workplace.  It is a gathering for bosses and their executive assistants or administrative staff.  This year our table was half full since the bosses did not make it for the first time. Even only one boss will make the celebration complete for us.  But sadly no one was there.

With Joema Delfin, Catherine Bayhon-Crusem and Cory Espiritu

With Sunpower Admins : Joema Delfin, Evangeline Malabuyoc, Cathy Bayhon-Crusem and Fe Imperial

Our Guest Speaker and Entertainer at the event


With my previous boss, Greg Reichow and Cypress MD, Donald Mika in 2004

I was first introduced to the Amcham's Honor Your Secretary Day way back 2004 when Sunpower was just a start-up company in the Philippines. Prior to joining the company I came from a Japanese company and we did not have this kind of event. SunPower is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines.  It was my previous boss, Greg who informed me about the event and that we need to register to participate.  Below were some of the photos I kept on Amcham's HYSD over the past years.

With our bosses : Greg Reichow, Greg Mihalik and Rey Mella at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

Rey Mella and Greg Reichow

With Robert Vinje at New World Renaissance

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