Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Spooky Halloween : The LBA Trick or Treat 2012

Halloween Night at LBA

Our village had its annual halloween celebration highlighted by some games and  costume competition among kids followed by a "Trick or Treat" about two weeks ago (Oct. 27, 2012).  Weeks before the event, my stepmom and I were busy making our decorations for halloween.  We actually start doing it during the first week of October.  We enjoyed making those scary decorations and had been participating in the Annual "Trick or Treat" for kids.

Halloween Trick or Treat was not popular in the Philippines long ago.  But Filipinos nowadays  due to western influence had started making it a traditional practice in the city villages, malls and even in companies.

Our halloween decorations consist of two (2) white ladies, a witch, skeletons, zombie, demon, scary pumpkin head and masks, lighted pumpkins and an owl.  We also placed some spider webs and dried grass.  My family were in black attire and each one of us were wearing a lighted devil's horn. It was always a great feeling to see kids and some were accompanied by their parents visiting the house and enjoying our scary decorations.   Most of them had their pictures taken and I also took some photos.  Some children were very scared of what they see and would cry.  The halloween scary sound that my father down loaded and played also added a big impact on the decorations.   It was more scary !!!

By the way,  our dogs were also in halloween costumes.  My Mama Zen made some witch hats for our dogs and they all looked so cute.  You will see them in below photos. Enjoy !!!

The witch and the white lady

A close-up of the white lady

Children starting coming at around 5:00 PM

Children in pirate costumes

Children with their mommies

Mama Zen with one of the kids who visited our house

Moms of these children are my friends from our "Ladies' Fellowship"

More children !

Mama Zen (left) with our dogs and some children

Here we are in front of our house dressed in black and wearing the devil's horn with our cute dogs

This is my dog, Cupid seated  beside the candies the whole time.   Some of the kids thought she was a stuffed toy.  She was behaved and not moving.

This is Pom-Pom wearing a striped witch hat with blue and red accents
Nina wearing a red hat with flowers and ribbonsShe is Cupid's mom

Scotty wearing a native inspired hat with red feather and laces

Nina and Pom-Pom in costumes

Our four dogs in their halloween costumes ! Cute !

We visited our neighbor's house.  Their decoration's theme was pirate

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Anonymous said...

>My Mama Zen made some witch hats for our dogs

- Mama Zen’s good! That’s Ascot worthy head gear!

>This is my dog, Cupid seated beside the candies the whole time.

- Cupid is just like me – she chose the best seat in the house!

It’s a week into the new year, but it’s Orthodox Christmas today, so here’s wishing you, Elvie, and your family, doggies included (of course!) all good things in 2013.

Thank you for your words of support. Looking forward to more stories (and pictures) from you.