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The Great Farm Race at Gratchi Farms Tagaytay

 Team building participants at the Gratchi Farms Tagaytay entrance

I was too busy and I was not able to post this soonest.  About two months ago,  I was given a task to look for a team building venue for a cross functional team building hosted by our Quality Assurance Department.  It was a short notice and so I immediately browse the web for some team building venues and came up with some proposals.  One of the venue I found is located in the cool breeze ,city of Tagaytay called "Gratchi's Getaway" which was the chosen venue for the team building.

 A peaceful and refreshing place

Gratchi Farm is a 6-hectare natural landscape and a great venue for team building activities, conferences, seminars, educational tours, workshops, events or simply for relaxation.  We availed of the day tour with the "Great Farm Race." It was a day full of action packed creative activities and physical challenges to encourage trust, camaraderie and team spirit.  We were divided into two teams ~ Yellow Team and Red Team.  The team must find  a series of checkpoints within the resort, decipher clues and must successfully complete each task before they can proceed with the next to complete and win the farm race.

 This cool nipa cottage is great for relaxation

 The tent where we hold the lectures and indoor challenges

Go up and you will get a great view of Gratchi Farm

 The Yellow Team

The Red Team

Facilitators from Playworks

Gratchi's Getaway Team Building Programs is facilitated by its resident team of facilitators from Playworks who are dedicated to creating a professional and high energy atmosphere in which participants get acquainted, work together and have fun covering topics like concise communication, collective problem solving, conflict resolution, efficient resource management, effective management under pressure and others.

Communication Combat Challenge by drawing

The Battle of the Bridges

 The Great Farm Race started with a visit to Ms. Piggy's little house to get the next clue to move into the next challenge


There were other farm animals at Gratchi Tagaytay.  It was a mini zoo.


The Monkey Bars
The ladies need a helping hand as we can't do the monkey bars by ourselves. 

Tarzan Swing

Bamboo Balance Beam

Bamboo Wall Climb


Zigzag Logs

Belly/Military Crawl

One of the card for the next challenge was hidden in the pool, we are searching for it.

This thing is hard !

Bamboo Balance Beam



The winning Team - Yellow 

The losing team went down the mudslide

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