Sunday, March 22, 2015

Juicing For My Migraine

I have been suffering from migraine since college and it is excruciating and disabling for hours and even for days.  I have had migraine that last for three days and it is difficult especially when it strikes at work.  It is a persistent throbbing in the temples or forehead.  This type of headache cannot be terminated, it can only be relieved.  I take pain relievers like advil or dolfenal to ease the pain. When my migraine attacked, I experienced impaired vision, tearing of the eye on the side where the pain is,  numbness, nausea and vomiting.  Sometimes, I would see sparkling lights and spreading blind spots in my vision. I hate lights and noises as it makes it worst.

Right now,  I started juicing to control and hopefully get rid of this condition.   This is the migraine juicing recipe that I used : 

             *  2 Green Apples
             *  2 Carrots
             *  2 Ribs celery
             *  A thumb-size ginger root

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