Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom Will Always Be There...Happy Mother's Day !!!

This is my mother... Lydia C. Mesiona

My mom passed away six (6) years ago.  But although she is gone, all her memories I have always kept in my heart.  These are the most important treasures I have in my life.  All the happy moments,  her wisdom, kindness, unconditional love and sacrifices shall remain in my thoughts and heart as long as I live. Mother's love is the greatest love in the world and  her love and guidance will lead us to the right path. She will give us the strength to overcome life's challenges.  She is like a candle that gives us the light when darkness surrounds us.

Memories of my mom

Today is Mother's Day, a special day to honor our beloved mothers.  Make your mom special with loving gestures that comes from your heart not only today but everyday.  That is the greatest thing you can do for your mom in appreciation for all the things she have done to make you a beautiful person in and out. Materials are nothing, it is the action that counts and leaves a lasting mark on one's heart.  Do it now not tomorrow  because you will never know when God will take her away from you to be with Him in heaven.

Below is a poem I made dedicated to my wonderful mother !

My Mom Will Always Be There
By : Elvira Rosemarie Mesiona

Inside her womb,
Mom took care of me
So when it is time for me
To see the world
I will be as healthy
And beautiful like a fairy.

Coming out of her womb,
My eyes were still shut
Yet I felt my mom's love
With her tender loving care
I was so special
An angel in her eyes.

When I took my first steps
Mom was there to hold me
And encourages me
Till I am confident enough
To walk on my own
She was a great teacher !

My growing-up years
Was not easy for mom
But she was always there
To guide me and mold me
To become a righteous person
And be love by everyone

Mom is no longer with me physically
But the good values she planted in me
Will stay with me forever
Mom will always be with me
In spirit and in my memories
I thank God for a great mom !


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Terrans said...

Hi Elvie,

Beautiful and touching poem!