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Experiencing "Walimah", a Muslim Wedding Feast (Melaka, Malaysia) ~ December 18, 2010

With Suhaila Mohd Zaki (1st from right) and her mother-in-law and daughter, Sabrina Adlyn.   This is the stage where the couple seated.

Earlier, I blogged about my Baju Kurung, a traditional Malay costume which was given to me by my  Malaysian friend, Suhaila Mohd Zaki last December 17, 2010.   The dress is actually intended for me to wear at a wedding feast.  Suhaila or "Sue" for short  invited me to her brother-in-law's Wedding Feast or what Muslim called "Walimah". I thought I was going to attend a wedding ceremony "Nikaah" but the ceremony was already held a day before the "Walimah". 

Walimah is a food reception which follows the consummation of the marriage, to make it public. It is offered by the parents of the married couple, by their friends, or by the newly married couple themselves. Friends, relatives, and neighbors are usually invited.

Islam is eager that Muslims share their happy occasions with the community. In the case of a marriage, giving a walimah or wedding feast is one of the means to ensure the community's participation in this happiness and joy. It also serves another purpose, that of publicizing the marriage, which is an essential element of marriage in order to distinguish between what is legitimate and what is illegitimate in relations between a man and a woman in Islam. When the wedding takes place, whether it is a small family affair or a grand one, a walimah is recommended to add to its publicity.

This is my Baju Kurung courtesy of my good friend, Suhaila Mohd Zaki

Me and Sue at her parents-in-law's house
I thought that the event was going to be in this house since when I arrived, I saw a cow already slaughtered and hanging outside ready to be cooked.  According to my friend, the Wedding Feast is going to be at the bride's house that day and then another wedding feast will be held the following day at the groom's house. That is the reason why her parents-in-laws were also busy preparing for the feast.

Me and Sue's daughter, Sabrina Adlyn

Here I am wrapping a boiled egg with a net

Sue's family and relatives were making the souvenirs so I decided to help them since I love arts and crafts.  It is a flower stick with a net to place the boiled egg.  The egg symbolizes fertility and is a wish for the couple so they will bear many offsprings.  The flower stick with an egg will be given to the guests as gifts during the wedding feast or celebration. We have to make a number of  flower sticks which will be placed in a base with holes that fits the stick.  When you complete putting all the flower sticks on the base it becomes a beautiful flower arrangement.

This is my finished product.  Did I do it well ?
The flower looks nice with some other accessories to it.

The groom and his entourage
We are now going to the bride's house and we had to do a procession.  There were men playing drums behind us as we walk towards the house.

This is Sue's brother-in-law, the groom with his assistant (like a groom's man in Christian Wedding)

The groom and the bride

Before the groom can join the bride and seat on the throne, any member of the family of the bride will intercept the groom from entering the house to delay the joining of the would-be spouses; only after the groom was able to pay a satisfactory “entrance fee” could he finally meet her bride.

The Throne

This is my friend Suhaila Mohd Zaki congratulating her brother-in-law

This is me congratulating the couple.  I am not sure if my gesture was right but Sue told me to just imitate what she did. 

Me, Sue and the other guests seating on the carpet after congratulating the couple.

Me and Sue and her daughter, Sabrina Adlyn

I am holding a flower stick with boiled egg, a gift (souvenir) from the couple. After congratulating the couple, the lady beside the bride gave me the flower stick. The lady is like the "bride's maid" in Christian wedding.

A photo shot with the couple.  They look gorgeous in their wedding attire.

Suhaila Mohd Zaki with her daughter, Sabrina Adlyn

With Sue's sister-in-law.  We are about to eat and most of the food are hot and spicy !!!

We are leaving the Wedding Feast.  With me is Sue and her husband


Brigid said...

OMG, sorry but the bride's makeup is horrendous it is lyk she splashed white baby powder on her face with lots of makeup :(

Somsi said...

Very interesting, informative. I really like it as it is very informative. Thank you for posting this one.

ALJONN said...

salaam.. i'm a Filipino Muslim... the wedding is so awesome and seems like the wedding traditional of Royal Maranao weeding (a Filipino Muslim Tribe)like the Groom Dress and the sequence Umbrella.