Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Three Musketeers !

Our Three Musketeers..."ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL" 

We were blessed to have three (3) beautiful and healthy puppies from one of our family pet dog named Nina.  I called them the Three Musketeers ~ ATHOS, PORTHOS and ARAMIS !!!

Handsome Cute Little "Athos"

Cuddly Cute Little "Porthos"

Playful Cute Little "Aramis"

I'm Chubby !

Do I look handsome !

We want to be your friends !

We want to play !

The Father ~ "Pom-Pom",  a Pomeranian spitz

The Mother ~ "Nina", a Pom spitz-terrier

The Offsprings ~ The cute Three Musketeers.  Born January 16, 2011


Terrans said...

Hi Elvie,

Your three musketeers are super cute. They look like cute furry balls, probably jumping and chewing all the time their toys. I am sure you have endless fun and laughs with them. Those are very cute pictures. Long time no see, come to visit. Thank You, Terrans

Elvierose said...

Thanks Terrans for the comment ! Yes they are really super super cute and lovable.

Reut said...

Great photos. They are amazing and so cute!
I also have a dog called Nina- she's a sweet puppy!

Elvierose said...

Thanks Reut ! Have a wonderful day !