Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day with my friend, Sue

Me with my Malaysian friend, Suhaila Mohd Zaki "Sue" and her office colleague, Norrazah Wan

Last Friday, April 8, 2011, I was not expecting to receive a message from Sue in my personal e-mail address informing me that she will be in the Philippines and would like to see me.  She also posted a message in my Facebook and at the same time texted me to make sure I receive her message. She was actually coming to Manila for a business related matter and I was happy she contacted me to let me know.  We finally agreed to meet last Saturday, April 9 at Vivere Suites Hotel. 

Sue and I started our friendship wayback in October, 2009 when she was assigned here in Philippines by Sunpower Malaysia now known as AUO-Sunpower  to take care of the Malaysian trainees who were sent to Sunpower Philippines  in preparation for the expansion in Malaysia.  Although right now she is no longer connected with AUO-Sunpower, it is so nice to know that we are still in touch with each other and maintained our beautiful friendship.  The last time I saw Suhaila was  four (4) months ago when I visited Malaysia for the Grand Opening of AUO-Sunpower.  She invited me to attend her brother in-law's wedding feast and she gave me a Baju Kurung, a traditional Malay costume to wear during the event which I also featured in one of my blog. It was a great experience to attend the Muslim Wedding Feast called "Walimah."

Me ~ Elvie Mesiona and Suhaila Mohd Zaki in ATC

We decided to go to Alabang Town Center for dinner.  We had to look for a restaurant that serves halal food because she is a Muslim.  We had a hard time looking for a dinner venue.  We ended up eating at California Pizza and ordered a vegetarian pizza.

Going around ATC after our dinner

We love the lighted trees in yellow and pink colors behind us

Suhaila Mohd Zaki (Nickname : Sue)

Sue and Norrazah Wan


Terrans said...

Hi Elvie,

I love your article and I wish my girlfriends come to visit often but it is 14 hours flight and sadly no one wants to come.

I followed you on your NetworkedBlogs account.

Thank You,

Elvierose said...

Thanks Terrans for your wonderful comment and for following me on my NetworkedBlogs account.

Have a blessed Holy Week !