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Sunpowerlympics 2010

Sunpowerlympics 2010 Banner

Yesterday, August 18, 2010 was the opening of our company sportsfest dubbed as “Sunpowerlympics 2010” which was held at Sunpower Cell Fab 2 in FPIP, Batangas City. This is a yearly activity in my company and a great opportunity for all employees to get together and show their talents and skills in various sports categories like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Bowling, Track & Field, Bike Race and others. The highlights of the event was a team parade of all participating sections/departments, the cheering dance competition and the best muse and escort for the year. The event was hosted by two masters of ceremony namely, Demiel Tabing of Cell Fab 2 Human Resources Department and Jeff Bartoloza of Shared Services Organization who made the event so alive and made employees laugh.

Last year, I did not join any sports event but this year I joined the Fab 2 Support Women’s Volleyball and the Badminton Mixed Doubles. My contribution last year was to give and lead the Opening Prayer for Sunpowerlympics 2009. Below was the Opening Prayer I made for the event :

Good and Gracious God,
We thank you for the gift of life you have given us
And this opportunity to come together
And celebrate our diversity, our talents and our faith
Help us to meet the challenges we face today with courage,
To celebrate our victories with humility,
And to accept our losses with grace.

Everlasting God, giver of joy and abundant life,
We pray for all those who are involved in Sunpowerlympics,
For their safe-keeping and well-being.
As we celebrate the skill and resolve of those who compete
We pray that throughout the games, there would be :
A striving for excellence
A spirit of humility
and a fair play
And a respect for others
And that all who wait on You may find their strength renewed
In Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Here are some photos from Sunpowerlympics 2010 Opening….

Sir Boy, Cell Fab 2 Site Director (left) and Sir Rey, Cell Fab 1 Site Director (right)  giving the opening remarks and announcing the start of the Sunpowerlympics 2010

Here I am in my green and yellow lining uniform (Standing, 5th from right)

With some of my team mates from Fab 2 support group (I'm in front, right side wearing a black short)

Smiles from Cell Fab 2 Support Group (I'm the 4th one from right)

Elvie with the peace sign (4th from right)

We are not ready yet for the photo shoot.  Some are looking somewhere else !

Fab 2 Support Volleyball Team (Women) in Green, yellow and white combination uniform. (Elvie Mesiona ~ 1st from right)

Some of the  Cell Fab 2 Support Volleyball Team members.  From right, Me ~ Elvie Mesiona, Fe Imperial, Liza delos Reyes, Cathy Oberos.  At the back are May Verdejo, Paula Alfonso and Jennifer Panganiban

Elvie Mesiona (left) and May Verdejo (right)

With our handsome escort, newly hired HR BP, Franco Lopez.  From left : Elvie, Franco, Fe and May

With our muse, Nerissa Herrera and escort, Franco Lopez (Both wearing white). From right, coach ~ Joselito Dimzon, Cathy Oberos, Liza delos Reyes, Nerissa Herrera, Me ~ Elvie Mesiona, Jennifer Panganiban, Fe Imperial, May Verdejo and Franco Lopez (seating)

Cell Fab 2 Support Volleybal Team with coach and muse & escort.  From right : Me ~ Elvie Mesiona, Cathy Oberos, Fe Imperial, Liza delos Reys, Nerissa Herrera, Jennifer Panganiban, May Verdejo, Joselito Dimzon and Franco Lopez

The judges for the Cheering Dance Competition and Best Muse/Escort. From left, Lanie Closa, Marvin Santos and Sir Henry Castaneda

Elvie Mesiona (in green uniform) with the Cell Fab 2 Cheering Dance Team.  Our Cheering Dance Team won the competition. Superb Performance !!!

Opening of the Cell Fab 2 Cheering Dance Presentation. They are so artistic !

Cell Fab 2 Cheering Dance Team

The ladies in action

Synchronized and high energy movements !

Great Formation and Amazing Performance from Cell Fab 2 Cheering Dance Team !

Cell Fab 1 Cheering Dance Team

Judges like their uniform

Cell Fab 1 Muse and Escort

Cell Fab 2 Muse and Escort : Nerissa and Franco doing their song number.  They won the "Best in Talent" award

Modco Muse and Escort dancing

She won the "Best Muse" award

This is Raymond riding the big bike...  Two employees from Cell Fab 2 rode a big bike when Cell Fab 2 Team was introduced in the Parade.  What a dramatic entrance ! Cool !

I saw the big bikes being lifted up to our 2nd floor administration office a day before the Sunpowerlympics 2010 Opening.  I got the chance to ride and have my photos taken.

This is Raymond's big bike.  The bike is too heavy... I don't think I can drive this.. I'll crash !

Joseph Leal, one of the riders of the big bikes during the Cell Fab 2 Team Parade introduction.


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