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Adventures at the Universal Studios Singapore (Sentosa) ~ December 17, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios has been bringing unique entertainment experiences to millions of people around the world through their motion pictures and home videos, theme parks and attractions, television networks and programming, and much more. They are in the business of thrills and chills as well as tears and laughter -- of inspiring wonder and ultimately transforming moments into lasting memories. Universal Studios has broadened its reach as one of the leading entertainment companies in the world. The Universal global brand has come to stand for the finest in exciting, exhilarating entertainment.

I'm excited to go up !

There were so many people wanting to take their photos in this area... Now it's my turn after wating for quite some time. Yehey !

I love Hershey's
Hershey’s Chocolate World represents fun, happiness and excitement and offers a wide array of Hershey products for people of all ages. Gill Capital is pleased to open the first Hershey Chocolate World store in South East Asia in Singapore’s very first Integrated Resort, Resorts World Sentosa. Situated in front of the first Universal Studios in the region, the Hershey store is the perfect complement to the Resort and will further heighten the customer experience.

Lake of Dreams
Lake of Dreams is a multimedia spectacular that combines the elements of water, fire, air and light, designed by Jeremy Railton.

At Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant
Every dining experience at Chili’s promises to be fun, fresh and flavourful! Diners will relish robust flavours of Southwest American cuisine with popular starters like Southwestern Eggrolls, signature favourites such as Big Mouth Burgers, Sizzling Fajitas, Baby Back Ribs, and “Guiltless Grill” selections which offer several tasty, better-for-you alternatives — all these are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

With my colleague, Fe Imperial at Chili's

The servings was too much for me that I was only able to eat half of my pasta

A train ride to Imbiah Lookout for the Sentosa CineBlast, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Merlion and Tiger Sky Tower


The Merlion
A larger than life encouter with Singapore's national icon - standing at 37 meters tall.  The Merlion lets you dive right into the myths and legends of the deep.

Venture up to the viewing gallery at the top of the Merlion for a truly majestic and unobstructed view of Sentosa, Singapore and iteh surrounding islands. When night falls, the sparkling lights of the picturesque surroundings will simply take your breath away !


Singapore Adventure
Walk through Singapore's history from its primitive fishing village days to the growth of the island as a trading port, and the nation's independence after the Second World War.  Learn more about life in the past from archival photo albums, family heirlooms and preserved artefacts. 

Four Winds of Singapore
Step back in time and learn how the founding fathers from Singapore's four main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian) forged a nation during turbulent times through the process of trade. Marvel at vintage furniture and photographs in the Four Winds Trading Office, then settle down in the adjoining warehouse to discover the story of how a "Golden Wish" of Family, Community, Peace and Harmony came true for a budding island nation.

1819 Treaty - Founding of Singapore

More Photos at the Images of Singapore

Coolie Quarters
Most Chinese Immigrants stayed in the Coolie Quarters in the Chinatown shop houses. The room is poorly ventilated, overcrowded and unhygienic. As many as thirty men shared one room where they slept on the floor and wooden platforms.  Life was hard.

At the harbour, experience the hard labor of a coolie worker (dock hand) by lifting a load of cargo using a pulley

Chinese Hand Puppets
Chinese hand puppet shows were performed during festival and religious celebrations.

Hindu Festival of Thaipusam


Tiger Sky Tower
The Tiger Sky Tower is Singapore's tallest viewing platform.  Standing at 110 meters tall, from the top you're so high that you can even see all the way to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Inside the capsule of the Tiger Sky Tower
Located at the Imbiah Lookout, it is one of the eleven attactions and brings you to the highest point of Singapore's beautiful Sentosa.

Capacity - The Tiger Sky Tower's viewing capsules holds 72 people, which is about 75% of Singapore's population when it was founded in 1819.

Standing up to take a look at the panoramic views

Lifting Speed - The Tiger Sky Tower's viewing capsule rises at a speed of 1.2 meters per second which is about the same speed that the average person walks.

Tower Weight - It weighs 200 metric tons which is about the same amount as 16 of the world's biggest Savannah elephants !

View from the top
The Tiger Sky Tower rises a total of 131 meters above sea level, giving views of Sentosa's beaches, the city skyline and the Straits of Singapore.

Another beautiful view from the top
Take a seat in the air-conditioned cabin from the Tower's base, then enjoy the 360 view as the cabin spirals to its peak


Sentosa Nature Discovery
Embark on a learning journey with nature at the Sentosa Nature Discovery.  You can learn the right skills to better enjoy and marvel at the natural wonders that surround you

There are 8 different types of habitats found on Sentosa.  Some rare habitats include coastal rainforests, rocky seashores and wetlands

The Magpie Robin is an endangered species but it is commonly seen on Sentosa because of the suitable habitat.  There are also Heritage Trees, insect-eating plants, migratory birds and beautiful butterflies inhabiting the island


Sentosa CineblastSingapore's First 4-dimensional simulation ride
Imagine the experience of a roller-coaster ride without actually having to ride on it ! Cineblast is the ultimate 4D simulation ride !  With a high-definition wide screen projection and state-of-the-art 6-axis motion system, you'll be transported into parallel worlds of fun and mind-blowing experiences !

4D Roller Coaster Simulation Ride "Extreme Log Ride"... Twists, turns, thrills and spills !
The show starts with the harvesting of Super Trees, environmental wonders grown in a super world called Himalamazon - the Himalayas and Amazon combined.

Your adventure begins when you virtually hop onto a Super Tree to experience its spectacular adventure through the harvesting plant

Ride up steep valleys, rush down ravines, careen through deep caves, and dive into a crocodile-infested pool.  You'll be tossed about, shaken up and feel like flying high up the mountains.  It's a stomach-churning and gripping journey that will leave you exhilarated !

In the comfort and safety of your indoor capsule seat, feel every thrilling twist, turn, dip and dive while watching a cinematic animated adventure


Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure ~ Asia's first thrilling eco ride
Enjoy an introductory experience on the Segway in the fun and Gogreen Circuit !

Segway Fun Ride consists of training and one loop around the circuit. Maneuver through twists and turns or simply speed your way on the fun obstacle course !

After trying the Segway ride,  I wanted more rides !

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