Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunpower Musicale (Christmas Party, December 10, 2010)

SUNPOWER MUSICALE (Christmas Party 2010)

Our company had its Christmas Party at the SMX Convention Center near Mall of Asia last December 10 and 13, 2010. I was not able to write about this soonest as I need to fly to Malaysia the following day and there were a lot of things going on that kept me so busy. You may be wondering why our Christmas Party was held for two days... Well, it is because our population is already around 4,500 employees for all  sites (Fab 1, Fab 2, Modco and SSO) and it is difficult for us to find a venue to accommodate such a big number of people.  We do it in two batches.  The highlight of this event was the Departmental Presentation Competition participated by our very own employees.  Once they move on stage, you will definitely be amazed by their talent and creativity.

With my boss, Greg Reichow in one of our photo wall.  He had to bend his knees because he is tall and we will look like elves...Ha, ha, ha

With my boss, Greg Reichow and HR Director, Cherie Ocampo (3rd from left)

Our hosts... handsome actor and TV host, Luis "Lucky" Manzano and Menchu Antigua (Ms. Phil. Earth 1st Runner-up and QTV Lifestyle Show Host)

My boss, Greg Reichow - VP-Operations doing the Welcome Remarks

Sensation Band

Eric Branderiz and Greg Reichow

From left : Fe, Me, Christine and Marven

University of Sto. Thomas Singers performing some "Glee" songs

With some of our Sunpower U.S. guests

With the Manufacturing Technology Group headed by its VP, Diana Ma

With the AUO-Sunpower MTG members Wan Tak (4th from left)  and Margaret (3rd from right)

Some guests from Sunpower U.S. and Ralph Robinett, Modco Site Director  (1st from right)

With the Quality Assurance Team headed by its Director, Jong Jimenez (wearing red shirt)

Happy Faces !... Guests from Sunpower U.S.A.

Sunpower Employees enjoying the band and dancing

With Jay Peir (2nd from right) and another guests from Sunpower U.S.

At the SMX Convention Entrance with May Verdejo of Training (wearing black)

With Irma and Chuck Stone

Departmental Presentation Competition Prizes and the Criteria for Judging

Departmental Presentation Guidelines


Fab 1 Shift C

Fab 2 Shift C

Fab 2 Shift C

Fab 2 Shift D

Fab 2 Backend

Fab 1/Fab 2 Support

The Champion (Fab 2 Shift C)... Consistent for four years



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