Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (Dec. 10-12, 2010)

Changi Airport, Singapore

My destination was actually Malaysia.  However, since it was pick season for travel, our travel agent could not get me into Malaysian Airlines that flies directly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I ended up taking the Philippine Airlines flight to Singapore ( I prefer to take SQ though but it is also full) and then travel by land to Melaka for about four hours from Changi.  Before I left the Philippines,   I discussed my travel itinerary with my boss and then he suggested that why not go around Singapore first since I am arriving early at around 2:00 PM. He told me to go to Singapore Flyer and as mentioned in my earlier blog, he gave me a free ticket.  It was so nice of him... a Christmas Present !  He also suggested to go to Suntec and Universal Studio.

Inside Changi Airport

I found this cute Christmas Decorations at Changi Airport and took a photo of it

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention

There was another employee named Arnold Castillo from Manufacturing Technology Group who was on the same flight as I am but his destination was Singapore.  I invited him to come along with me to Suntec, Singapore Flyer and Universal Studio and he was interested to come.  Although it was his 10th times in Singapore already, he did not have time to go around during his past visits since he was busy with work.

Here are some photos from the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention :

Star Wars  : Me and Darth Vader

Star Wars : With Jar-jar

Star Wars : With Darth Maul

With Barth Simpson and Family



Cute Care Bears

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